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Welcome to the JW Ice Cream Company and our award winning range of frozen desserts.

Circumstance fueled a passion. The passion inspired a product and this product has evolved into a culinary experience. Now, treat your inner child with gelato for grown-ups…

Alcolato /al-co-lá-to/ definition - a variation of the Italian style ice cream “gelato”, paired and blended with premium alcohol for a distinctive gourmet frozen dessert.

Alcobetto /al-co-bet-to/ definition - a frozen dessert made primarily of fruit puree, balanced and blended with premium alcohol.

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Product Range

JWICC is the guilty pleasure you do not need to resist.  Our aim is to create the worlds best lactose-free ice cream and frozen desserts for all the family, where quality and taste are equally important as health and wellbeing.  We know that our products are not the cheapest on the market, but quality ingredients are not cheap.  However, what we will claim to offer you is an exceptional quality product at a fair price.  Having one of the lowest air contents across our range, they are comparatively far more filling and satisfying than other market brands.

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