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Our Ethos “Less is More”

Free- From

Having personal experience and awareness of intolerances and allergies we continue this focus by not alienating those who are lactose and gluten intolerant or allergic, and we do so by only using lactose free milk and cream with all our products gluten free. 

All Natural Ingredients

In life money means little without good health, therefore, we only use natural ingredients, we will not compromise the wellbeing of our consumers. Consequently, we do not add any artificial, colouring, flavouring, emulsifiers, stabilisers or preservatives and do not use any refined sugar or sweeteners. We offer a range of reduced sugar products, keeping in mind that there is a high percentage of diabetic sufferers that are still lovers of the all too irresistible frozen dessert.

Good Protein Level

It is important to us to produce products with a good level of protein. Derived naturally from free range eggs, whole milk and cream these simple ingredients provide our consumers with a nutritional product.

Ultimate Indulgence

For JWICC we want to create healthier products without compromising on taste. The flavour profile, balance and texture all have to achieve the highest quality possible. With this in mind we have one of the lowest air contents less then 15%.

Irish Cream

Our signature blend, a truly luxury ice cream handcrafted and balanced with the nation's favourite Irish Cream, Baileys. As soon as you open the pot the aroma will entice you to dive in and savour the flavour

3.6% alc-vol

Rum & Raisin

A totally luxurious version of the classic Rum and Raisin and strictly for adults. Unlike the classic there is no shortage of plump rum soaked raisins which are bursting with the flavour of dark rum

4.8% alc-vol

Chai Spiced Rum

An Indian inspired blend of rum and spices, with a subtle taste notes of cinnamon and ginger, that performs an exotic flavour dance delivering a very enjoyable mouthful

2.9% alc-vol

Caribbean Coconut Rum

The very popular, Pina Colada but blended with a rich coconut liqueur, white rum and fresh tangy pineapple for real summer treat!

3.9% alc-vol

Salted Caramel Liqueur

A nation’s favourite, elevated to a new level of sophistication and blended with shards of the finest dark chocolate with salted caramel liqueur

3.4% alc-vol

Belgium Chocolate Amaretto

Made with the finest dark Belgium chocolate generously blended with Amaretto. This rich silky smooth creation is pure indulgence for those chocolate lovers

4.2% alc-vol

Chocolate Red Wine

A sumptuous infusion of Spanish red wine blended with essence of cacao to create an extraordinary taste sensation in a velvet smooth ice cream

2.9% alc-vol

Vanilla Vodka

The nation's favourite classic flavour with a little adult twist. Luxurious Madagascan vanilla infused with vodka

4.8% alc-vol

Passion Fruit Martini

Seductive by name, tasty by nature. The very popular Pornstar Martini but more intense in passion fruit, blended with vodka, vanilla and prosecco evoking your taste buds on an exotic flavour journey

4% alc-vol

Strawberry & Prosecco

A refreshing blend of strawberries embodying the flavours of Wimbledon packed full of flavour in every little pot. Quintessentially a dessert for the British summertime

3.1% alc-vol

Mango Schnapps

A refreshing and intense blend of both mango and peach, combined with a twist of two spirits to tantalize your palette

6% alc-vol

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