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“ A real surprise on the first mouthful, really delicious. Silky and wonderfully creamy consistency. The alcohol comes through beautifully, with none of the sticky sweetness you can get with similar products. Delightful and moreish.”

Great Taste Awards 2019 - Irish Cream Ice Cream 2 Star

Great Tasting Natural Frozen Desserts

We have an outstanding variety of flavours to choose from. Simple natural ingredient list with nothing artificial added, the weight of the product says it all!

Depending on the size of your operation, we offer Alcolato and Alcobetto in 2ltr and 4ltr tubs and Premium Ice Cream and Sorbetto in 2ltr tubs.

Please download our brochure below for further details and call us on 020 7097 6737 to discuss your needs.

Easy to scoop straight from the freezer

(note alcohol free requires 2 mins prior to scooping)

Silky smooth in texture

Lactose free

Gluten Free

Less than 15% air making for a more satisfying experience

JW ICC bespoke flavour development service

If you are launching a new champagne bar why not delight your guests with a shot glass of Champagne Sorbet when they arrive or use as a palette cleanser. The possibilities really are endless with the bespoke service. We love a challenge and our ethos at JW ICC is very much a ‘can do” approach, so we look forward to hearing from you and developing some exciting new Alcolato and Alcobetto flavours!

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